Due Diligence Assessment Model
Originally published: 29/06/2017 09:56
Publication number: ELQ-77604-1
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Due Diligence Assessment Model

Assessment of new business ventures across ten different dimensions

Due diligence is essential to mitigate the risks of deals and business partnerships. This is because it serves as a buffer after a transaction closes in the sense that it is a strong legal defence. Furthermore, due diligence can also decrease legal issues via notifying an investor or purchaser to potential liabilities prior to the closing of the transaction.

Hence, I have made this comprehensive model which will provide a thorough assessment of your new business venture. The model provides an investigation including, but not exclusive to, financial performance, structure of purchase and brand value to ensure that a proper due diligence assessment is conducted. Additionally, the assessment model will compile all the data to create an analysis chart to provide a quick overview of the key factors.

The inputs are meant to be a starting point and are fully customizable via Excel.

• If you have any questions or feedback, either leave a note below in the discussion feed, or find me at @exinfm on Twitter.

- Matt H. Evans

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  • Gianmichele Bertini
    Dear Matt,
    I’m working in a worksheet I downloaded from Eloquens web site.
    I’m analgising a company that we are interested to and I would like to use your template because it looks very good.
    In my original balance sheet I’ve some items called under the name of reserves (legal reserve, statutory reserve, extraordinary reserve, etc.).
    It is part of Equity, but I was wondering in which cell of "balance sheet" is correct to put it ?
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