Financial Planning for SaaS Startups
Originally published: 29/06/2017 14:37
Publication number: ELQ-97022-1
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Financial Planning for SaaS Startups

How to create a financial plan for an early stage SaaS company.

This guide will outline how to create an 18-24 month plan financial plan for an early stage SaaS start-up. Although, it has a different focus, this guide will also be applicable to non-SaaS startups but will be best utilised by companies which have growing staff and operations as well the inflow of some revenue.

There is a vast number of templates available online for these financial plans and they all share a similar structure. On the leftmost column it details both the cost and revenue-driving parameters. The subsequent columns are for the following 18 months or more.

The exact structure of the template is not of great significance. What should be focused on is the though process behind it all. It is the comprehension and analysis of what drives the company and how to extrapolate data to make accurate predictions for the future. This will be covered in the guide.

• If you have any questions or feedback, either leave a note below, or find me at @moraitakis on Twitter.

- Nikos Moraitakis

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