Action Plan Excel Template
Originally published: 26/12/2022 11:54
Last version published: 22/02/2023 13:01
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Action Plan Excel Template

Action plans assist individuals or groups in outlining exactly what steps need to be taken to successfully accomplish a project.

The Action Plan Template is an Excel Spreadsheet designed to help you visualize the steps needed to achieve your organization's goals. With this template, you can easily establish the different projects and resources required to reach your goals, monitor project execution, and allocate efforts for business growth.

Data Sheet:
Enter project details in the data table using the following options:

Add row: Use the + sign.
Delete row: Use the - sign.
Assignee: Set a person responsible for completing each task.
Project name: Enter the project title.
Action: Enter the action required for the project.
Start date: Enter the task start date.
End date: Enter the task end date.
Status: Choose the task status.
Date completed: Enter the task completion date.

List Sheet:
Enter project details in the data table related to your project.
Action Plan Template Features Summary:
Action plan organizer and tracker.
Dynamic summary report charts included.
Ready-to-use, no installation required.

Please note that you need to authorize the execution of macros to use the template. The Action Plan Template is a simple and user-friendly template that you can use right away.

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