Discounted Dividend Valuation Excel Model Template
Originally published: 29/04/2019 15:47
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Discounted Dividend Valuation Excel Model Template

A Discounted Dividend Valuation Model for calculating fair stock prices

This comprehensive model is a Discounted Dividend Valuation Model. The model assists in calculating a fair price for a company’s stock, considering various criteria.

The template is based on the Dividend Discount Model, or DDM. DDM is a method for valuing the price of a stock by using projected dividends and discounting them back to present value. The concept is that if the value obtained from the DDM is higher than the current market value of the stock, then the stock is undervalued, and vice-versa.

This template allows you to choose between 4 different model types:
-> One-Stage model
-> Two-Stage model
-> Three-Stage model
-> Manual model

You just need to choose your model type, input all appropriate data and the stock value will be calculated automatically. You can also calculate overall company value.

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This Best Practice includes
1 DDM excel sheet

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