Staff Appraisal Form Template
Originally published: 20/09/2018 10:34
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Staff Appraisal Form Template

This Word document, brought to you by Start Up Donut, provides a template for staff appraisal forms for employer use.

This is a ready-to-use, downloadable Word document offering a staff appraisal form template.

There is a lack of knowledge within many businesses and organizations regarding how to conduct an effective staff performance appraisal. It is of high importance to prepare well for a staff appraisal, ensuring that both employees and the employers gain the maximum benefits of this practice.

An employee self-assessment form, for example, may be a useful way of preparing as it can highlight any issues or areas that should be discussed during the appraisal.

There are a wealth of benefits to completing a staff appraisal, if done correctly. Amongst these benefits, staff can become more motivated whilst also increasing their job performance by targeting and improving any areas in which they are struggling. This tool is thus a good starting template when conducting these staff appraisals.

You are free to edit and use this document in your business.

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