The Art of Bootstrapping
Originally published: 25/02/2020 15:43
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The Art of Bootstrapping

Discover the importance of bootstrapping and our 4 main bootstrapping methods to get your company off the ground.

Learn the tricks and traps of bootstrapping, as well as recent variations of the method.

Bootstrapping provides you with alternative methods to jump-start your company after venture capital funds have turned you away.

Even if you are a successful entrepreneur, you will need to know how to bootstrap at some point in your entrepreneurial career.

Many entrepreneurs believe that you cannot create a successful or interesting company with an investment of less than 30 million, however this is not true. Various companies have become very successful from bootstrapping; HP, Microsoft, Apple, Dell and eBay to name a few.

Whether they start off bootstrapping and then accept venture capital later on or bootstrap the entire way, bootstrapping is essential to get your company off the ground.

Bill Reichert combines the numerous models for bootstrapping into 4 main models: The Garage model, the University model, the Services to Product model and the Outsourcing model.

Download our audio recording of Bill Reichert’s presentation on the Art of Bootstrapping for more information on the four methods of bootstrapping and how you can to apply these to your own venture.

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