How to efficiently collaborate in business?
Originally published: 06/05/2020 18:14
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How to efficiently collaborate in business?

Discover the 6 benefits of collaborative work for businesses today.


In the Private Sector as well as in government roles, collaboration is more prominent now than ever🤝⚠️. Collective intelligence achieves much faster progress and the completes more tasks than solo work👥🧠. Put simply, two, three or ten minds are better than one. Thus, by pooling the skills, know-how and experience of multiple people, you are encouraging efficiency, creativity, innovation and productivity✅. Furthermore, you will complete your projects on time and in budget🕙.

Discover the advantages of collaborative working for your business⬇️.

What is collaborative working?

According to, collaborative working is ‘a non-hierarchical way of working in which people share their creativity and skills in order to reach a common goal’🗣.
This co-operation is made possible thanks to new information and communication technologies📲. Some tools have become indispensable because they facilitate the maximisation of productivity and creativity for those involved in the project, even those who are working from a distance📈.

Collaborative working promotes communication, exchanges and knowledge sharing🧠. Without a hierarchy, all of the team members are established on the same level. Everyone can give their opinion and put forward their ideas, the relationships are horizontal and there is a collective responsibility💡👥.

At the heart of businesses❤️, collaborative working encourages exchanges between the different departments, the defragmentation of the working environment, as well as contributing to improving customer experience☺️👍🏼.

The six advantages of collaborative work: 

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    Save Time⏰

    In the workplace, time is a precious resource. With collaborative working, you will definitely save time🕑. How? Thanks to the centralization of all of the resources and documents on one unique platform that everyone can access🔐. Furthermore, you avoid wasting time searching for a document or asking for information. Everything is accessible and readily available in just a few clicks💻✔️.

    Moreover, collaborative platforms are generally equipped with a versioning system (or version management), which means that you are always working on the most up to date version of a document🗂✅, but you still have the option to return to previous versions if you need to☺️. Gone are the days of wasting time making sure you are working on the most-updated version💡.

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    More flexibility and creativity🧠✨

    Every project has its fair share of changes and surprises. Collaboration and team work allow for more reactivity and versatility in cases of sudden change. Collaborators, therefore, see these changes as challenges to overcome💪🏽👏🏾.

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