Levermann App (FREE VERSION)
Originally published: 23/03/2021 08:44
Last version published: 05/04/2021 15:49
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Levermann App (FREE VERSION)

It enables you to do a stock valuation in an app with a click according to the so-called Levermann method.

It enables you to do a stock valuation in an app with a click according to the so-called Levermann method. A detailed description of this method can be found in the book "The Practical Handbook on the Levermann Strategy: Stock Selection by Points System" by Petra Wolff

This App "for free" has full functionality with the following exceptions:
- a maximum of 5 Levermann score values ​​can be calculated per day - otherwise there is no restriction

Features of the program:
- Flexible selection from over 10000 stock titles
- Automatic selection of the associated comparison index
- Automatic consideration of whether it is a company from the financial sector or not
- Automatic determination of the last profit report date
- Manual override of the index, finance flag, date of last profit report possible
- Calculation of the Levermann score
- Overview of the individual score components with value and result
- 20 benchmark indizes
- Additional information of the stock (name, sector, industry, MarketCap)

Stocks from:
USA, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, France, Italy, Great Britain, Ireland, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic

Input fields
- "Stock Ticker": Entry for the ticker symbol of the stock for which the calculation should be done. For stocks <> USA
the corresponding country code with ".XY" must always be used - for an overview of the stocks with the ticker symbol, see
the enclosed excel sheet Tickers.xlsx
- "Index": Selection of the comparison index - with "auto" the program selects an index that is as suitable as possible.
- "Finance Stock": Indicates whether the stock is a stock from the financial sector or
not (has an impact on the calculation of the score) - if nothing is selected here, the program selects the setting itself
according to the sector of the stock.
- "Last Earnings": Enter the date of the last earnings report - with "auto" the program tries to determine the date of the
last report itself

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