How to Model a Multi-sided Business (Facebook Lean Canvas)
Originally published: 20/10/2017 13:24
Last version published: 20/10/2017 14:54
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How to Model a Multi-sided Business (Facebook Lean Canvas)

How to put together a multi-faceted business model.

Each business model must tell a story of how it's going to build, bear, and acquire value.

A Business Model has 3 jobs:

1/ In a business model, value is made and distributed to users, and when some of this value is converted into money, these users are then changed to clients.

2/ If you're building more value for your clients than the value you're getting back, you generally have an attractive proposition. You must get back more value than it's costing you to distribute it to have a business model that is sustainable.

3/ However in a multi-faceted model there's more than one side to the story. The objective is still to build, distribute, and acquire value from users but the value is turned into cash via different consumers, which makes it a multi-actor model.

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