Originally published: 12/02/2018 13:26
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How To Build a Brand on Social Media

Dana Blouin introduces Josh from 'Bearded Fat Loss' who gives 3 actionable tips on building your brand on social media.

Having a game plan to build your brand is going to get you there faster, and deliver more impact.

In today's business landscape, being able to build a strong, relevant brand is going to help you stand out in a very noisy space. So to build a brand, a lot of companies talk to experts. In this video, Dana Blouin brings in an expert on building brands; Josh from 'Bearded Fat Loss.' Josh provides 3 tips that he used to build his brand on social media.

1. Post consistently.

2. Become a part of your community.

3. Be passionate.

Josh walks through each of these tips in detail in simple language, explaining what he means by each and giving further tips on how to carry these out.

Length: 7 minutes 26 seconds

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