Refrigeration Excel Workbook
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Refrigeration Excel Workbook

Workbook in Excel intended to align with Chapter 11: 'Refrigeration' from textbook "Rules of Thumb for Engineers"

Mechanical refrigeration is the use of mechanical components organized in a 'refrigeration system' with the objective of transferring heat.

A Steam Jet refrigeration system uses a booster or a steam injector to compress the refrigerant to the pressure level that is required for the condenser, using water as a refrigerant.

In this workbook, data sheets for steam jet refrigeration systems and mechanical refrigeration systems are provided.

Contains 2 sheets:
1/ Mechanical Refrigeration Systems
2/ Steam Jet Refrigeration Systems
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This template accompanies Chapter 11 of Rules of Thumb for Engineers, 6th Edition by Stephen M Hall, PE. The templates are intended to solve problems outlined in the book, explain techniques for converting U.S. & SI units of measure, demonstrate data look up methods, and provide you with ready-to-use data sheets. The function subroutines can also be copied to other spreadsheets.
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