Income Statement Template in Excel
Originally published: 05/02/2018 16:41
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Income Statement Template in Excel

The SBA have provided an income statement template in MS Excel so that you can input your own values and save time.

An income statement is used to report the financial performance of a company over a certain accounting period. Their financial performance is assessed by providing a summary of how the business has incurred its expenses and revenues through both non-operating and operating activities. It also displays the net profit or loss that has been incurred over a specific accounting period.

The income statement is also referred to as the profit and loss statement, and is one of the 3 main statements in the 10-k and annual report. Companies that are classed as public companies are obliged to submit these legal documents to the investor public and SEC. The other 2 financial statements are the statement of cash flows and the balance sheet. All 3 documents together provide investors with information regarding the company's financial affairs. Solely the income statement gives an overview of net income and company sales.

Here, the SBA have provided a template for your business' income statement, allowing you to input your own values and save you time.

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