IPO Valuation Model
Originally published: 15/12/2021 13:06
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IPO Valuation Model

This financial model can be used to value any Initial Public Offering (IPO) using Option Value, DCF and Relative Valuation.

An IPO valuation is the process by which an analyst determines the fair value of a company’s shares.

This IPO Valuation Model template is a ready-made template that you can use as a base to start with or as a reference to help you build a working IPO Valuation Model.

The following are included in the template:
1. Assumptions page for easy inputs
2. 5-Year projections
3. Debt schedule to assess Financial Feasibility
4. Detailed depreciation, capital expenditure, and amortization schedule
5. Detailed options value calculations
6. Discounted cash flow valuation calculation using the projected cash flows.
7. Relative Valuations page (This page gives you an idea about the method. You need to shortlist relevant similar/peer companies)
8. Index page for Easy maneuverability
9. Printable to help you present your analysis to different stakeholders.
10. This financial model template contains inputs that, when changed, impact the calculations and, therefore, the changes are applied to all relevant sheets. This financial model has built-in flexibility to display different outcomes or final calculations based on changes.

The model was developed using financial modelling best practice standards. Should you have any questions on the model you're welcome to Private Message us via our Eloquens Channel.

Your review and rating of the model is always appreciated.

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This Best Practice includes
1 Excel Financial Model

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Methods of valuing an initial public offering (IPO) transaction.

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