Acquisition Schedule - Excel Model Template
Originally published: 26/06/2019 10:12
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Acquisition Schedule - Excel Model Template

This is an Excel Template of the Acquisition Schedule

This model allows you to generate an Acquisition Schedule. It is an essential tool that enables companies to create a schedule of their purchases and of their capital acquisition.

The Wall Street Oasis Dictionary defines an acquisition as a corporate action where a company purchases a great amount, if not the totality, of another company's ownership shares with the objective of taking charge of it. More specifically, an acquisition occurs if a firm purchases, hence obtaining, more than 50% ownership on the targeted company.

The model is extremely user-friendly. You only need to input your company's data in order to generate output numbers.

In the template, you will be able to calculate the intangibles purchased, as well as the goodwill at the end of the year. It'll also allow you to store your historical data as well as see the growth at different stages.

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