Solar Products Excel Financial Model (Solar Box and Solar Charging Station)
Originally published: 31/08/2018 13:49
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Solar Products Excel Financial Model (Solar Box and Solar Charging Station)

A full financial Model of a Solar Products Manufacturing Company - Solar Charging Stations and Solar Inverters.

This Excel model will help you to play with the cost of manufacturing products, selling price, various revenue assumptions and ultimately test the feasibility of the business and so that you can decide whether to invest further and can present to investors in a better way.

If you are a financial consultant, projecting for similar model, then this is definitely going to save you time.

The Financial Model has 13 tabs:
- Overview
- Approach
- Assumptions
- Monthly Profit & Loss (P&L)
- Monthly Cash Flow
- Monthly Balance Sheet
- Startup Expenses
- Capex (Capital Expenditure)
- Summarized Yearly Reports
- Breakeven Analysis
- Ratios Analysis
- ROI (Return on Investment)
- Business Valuation

Approach used for preparing the model

1 - The model is prepared for two products based on solar solutions: Charging station and inverters

2 - We have assumed the replacement period for charging stations 4 years

3 - Maintenance Cost per device per day is computed by taking into account the total number of charging devices leased out to operators and number of inverters installed at houses and offices.

Good luck!

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This Best Practice includes
1 Excel Financial Model

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