How to adapt your SME to the COVID-19 Crisis (10 step guide)
Originally published: 27/03/2020 15:50
Last version published: 25/08/2021 14:49
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How to adapt your SME to the COVID-19 Crisis (10 step guide)

Having difficulty knowing where to start with adapting your business during the Coronavirus pandemic? 🤯🤔


As we enter into the latest phase of the Coronavirus crisis, with world🌍 governments enforcing stricter policies of social distancing and even quarantine, it is time for businesses to adapt and evolve.🐵 The new circumstances are unprecedented, and that calls for decisive action from businesses to survive.

  • Step n°1 |

    Your team must work from home! 🏡

    Hopefully this one if quite self-explanatory. The current pandemic is putting a never-before-seen strain on our national health services, and so it is our responsibility as national and global citizens to play our part to in the effort to stop the spread of Coronavirus. This is the ultimate priority in this fight,⚔️ that will best limit the lasting damage that will be done to the world economy, and speed up the recovery time. Flatten the curve.

    Scientists👩‍🔬 have made it clear most effective way to do this is by staying at home. Many governments have already declared that all non-essential travel must stop, and so in the majority of cases, this means your employees must work from home. It is therefore essential for business owners and managers to make sure that their employees know the Best Practices💎 for productive work at home. Luckily, we have already created a separate list of these for you here:
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  • Step n°2 |

    Project Management Software is a must!✅

    Following this previous point, in order to successfully make the transition from working in the office to working from home, project management software is the fundamental pillar🏛 on which all effective working from home can take place. The ideal project management software should contain the following 4 integrated features:

    Instant messaging service💬 - allows for efficient professional collaboration, that is distinct from other personal contact you engage in. The most common alternatives such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are engines of procrastination that also require having your phone in close proximity.

    Task management🗂 - so you can monitor all of your team tasks and their progress. See who is responsible for each task’s completion, see the task’s stage of progression and attach important files. This means you avoid wasting your and your colleagues’ time when searching for necessary documents. You can also leave comments or have a conversation that is attached to the task, meaning you don’t need to switch between different medias to leave your thoughts.

    Conference calling💻 - just because you are no longer physically together does not mean that group meetings and discussions have become any less valuable! Furthermore, during a time when many employees are self-isolating, it is great for team morale to see and talk to one another. This brings a sense of camaraderie that is positive for employee mental health as well as boosting the teams motivation to succeed.

    • File sharing🗃 - it can be hugely frustrating and not to mention a waste of time to scroll through emails in search of the necessary attachments you need for your day-to-day work. This Version Management, you can always be sure you are working on the most updated version of a document, whilst preserving the ability to return to a previous version if you need to.

    Our personal recommendation for this would be Wimi ( ), as it encompasses all these necessary features, has a user-friendly interface and has been Eloquens’ chosen provider for many years now. 👌
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  • Step n°3 |

    Form a COVID Crisis Response Team!⚡️

    Owing to the unparalleled levels of uncertainty that we are currently experiencing, with governments rapidly implementing new restrictions and emergency legislation, it is crucial that your business is poised and ready to react appropriately. This involves closely following your country’s stance on issues such as postponing due interest and tax payments, freezing or discounted rent and the lowering of the base rate.💸 It is also the team’s responsibility to identify and draw up solutions to issues that your company could face over the coming months. Companies that are able to be vigilant and proactive in a time where others default to panic and destabilising myopia👓 will distinguish themselves with their superior decision-making ability. 💪
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