Loan Amortization Schedule Calculator
Originally published: 17/04/2018 14:26
Publication number: ELQ-20973-1
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Loan Amortization Schedule Calculator

Simple and effective tool for debt scheduling and loan amortization

In this tool, you will be able to calculate the schedule for your debt or loan amortization.

This tool allows you to schedule over a specific period of time. The tool is based solely on four key inputs:

- Principal
- Interest rate (monthly)
- Term (months)
- Repayments per month

By inputting this data, the excel tool automatically creates a chart, documenting a schedule for your loan amortization.

These outputs show:

- Beginning Balance
- Interest
- Balance before payment
- Monthly payment
- Principal repaid
- Ending Balance

As such, this tool is a quick, easy and efficient way of calculating and scheduling your debt repayments and loan amortization. Using this tool will allow you keep a close track of your debt repayments.

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