BXL Integrity Checks Add-In
  • BXL Integrity Checks Add-In
Originally published: 31/08/2020 08:18
Last version published: 02/09/2020 06:57
Publication number: ELQ-64398-3
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BXL Integrity Checks Add-In

Add Integrity Checks effortlessly

Adding alerts helps customers succeed and can save our reputation. It is a best practice recognized by all major modeling standards. BXL Integrity Checks makes adding best-in-class error alerts and performance alerts easy
(Download Best Practices Guide free here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bcuklqx6nsi12e2/BXL%20Checks.pdf?dl=1)

Error Alerts
The last thing I want is for customers to find errors in my work. The thought makes me ill because I know my reputation will suffer. I also know all complex models have errors during development which must be driven out. As we build models, changes on one worksheet can introduce errors in others unseen without the kinds of integrity checks (aka audit tests) discussed here. For that alone these techniques are invaluable. But error reporting is only half of BXL Integrity Checks value. BXL Integrity Checks can also provide performance alerts.

Performance Alerts
Performance alerts include key performance indicators (KPIs), financial ratios, or any stakeholder requirement in the model. When any of these measures fall short customers want to know about it and BXL Integrity Checks can make that happen.

High Visibility
A problem anywhere must be visible everywhere. Thus, BXL Integrity Checks adds alerts prominently on every worksheet and draws attention to the area of concern on worksheets containing failed tests through conditional formatting.

Make Doing-the-Right-Thing Easy
We all want to do the right thing but adding best-practice integrity checks manually is cumbersome. BXL Integrity Checks makes doing the right thing easy.

This Best Practice includes
1 Best Practices and User Guide (PDF), 1 Excel Add-in (Windows version)

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Further information

Add Integrity Checks, also known as Audit Alerts, and Performance Alerts to any model using best practices.

Any model, financial, business, or other, benefits from error checking and performance alerts. If you create models in Excel, you need this tool.


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