BXL Integrity Checks Add-In
Originally published: 31/08/2020 08:18
Last version published: 22/06/2021 07:24
Publication number: ELQ-64398-4
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BXL Integrity Checks Add-In

Add "the Holy Grail" of Integrity Checks effortlessly

Help customers succeed. Save time. Save your career.

"The concept of highlighting error cells themselves is obviously the holy grail – but for a variety of reasons is very hard / impossible to do." - Andrew Berg

We made the impossible, possible. Download the PDF (free) to see how.


The PDF shows how to do achieve world class integrity checks manually - without the aid of BXL Integrity Checks. It includes:

1) Integrity checks best practices keys including:
* Add test formulas
* Keep them in a central repository
* Make problem areas obvious
* Make problems anywhere visible everywhere
* Hyperlink to issue locations
* Make alerts actionable

2) A catalog of things to test including technical errors, model errors, financial ratios, KPIs and more.
3) Instructions on how to write test formulas that do not fail
4) A catalog of formulas to use for various tests
5) Instructions on how to add conditional formatting to achieve 'the holy grail' of integrity checks.

But it also contains the add-in's user guide. The add-in makes adding world class integrity checks to our work quick and easy.

Make Doing-the-Right-Thing Easy
We all want to do the right thing but adding best-practice integrity checks manually is cumbersome. BXL Integrity Checks makes doing the right thing easy.

This Best Practice includes
1 Excel Add-in (Windows version)

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Further information

Add Integrity Checks, also known as Audit Alerts, and Performance Alerts to any model using best practices.

Any model, financial, business, or other, benefits from error checking and performance alerts. If you create models in Excel, you need this tool.

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