Ultimate Collection of Cover Picture Templates for your Eloquens Best Practices
Originally published: 02/03/2018 11:46
Last version published: 09/02/2021 13:40
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Ultimate Collection of Cover Picture Templates for your Eloquens Best Practices

A collection of 28 Powerpoint Cover Picture Examples for you to use for your Eloquens Best Practices✨

“The alternative to good design is always bad design. There is no such thing as no design.” –Adam Judge 👷‍♂️

When publishing on Eloquens, you want to optimise the "professional appearance" of your content with your target audience and the Eloquens community, to maximise your conversion rate and success on the platform.💸

One of the strategies is to give your best first impression with a beautiful, well-designed and inspiring cover picture.😍 You never have a second chance to give a great first impression to your audience, especially with intense competition for visibility.🌅

With now thousands of best practices shared on the platform, Eloquens has put together this Ultimate Collection of PowerPoint Cover Picture Examples for you to download and use as inspiration for your very own cover pictures.💫

An infinite number of formats exist so feel free to use this as a basis to build your own style that fits with your Brand, Personality and approach to publishing.📚

Tip: Keep the same design for all your best practices so that your audience senses coherence and consistency in the quality of your work.🤩

Note: This best practice will regularly be updated with new cover picture examples and Best Practices.

- The Eloquens Academy👌

This Best Practice includes
1 PowerPoint Deck with 28 Cover Picture Examples

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Further information

-> Increase the conversion rate for your best practices as an author
-> Build your Visual identity on Eloquens
-> Increase your level of credibility with your audience on Eloquens
-> Beat your direct competition with better best practice design and User Interface.

1/ PDF Files, Guides and Ebooks
2/ How-to Style Methodologies
3/ Downloadable Complex Excel Files, Word Documents and Powerpoint Decks

1/Private Video Content:
In this case, we generally advise you to either:
- Create a short 2-3 min introduction video for your full-video
- Take a screenshot of your video showing you talk to the camera - in this way, prospecting users can get a good idea of what to expect

2/ Content for which a screenshot of the best practice has a larger intriguing effect. Eg: Well Structured Financial Models.

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