Rent apartments, houses on Airbnb – financial model in Excel
Originally published: 16/02/2021 14:34
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Rent apartments, houses on Airbnb – financial model in Excel

A financial model in Excel to download to analyse the feasibility of renting apartments or houses on AirBnB.

Modeling real estate in Excel is not easy. In real estate, you will have to forecast the cash flow for long investment periods. In most models, you will have to forecast loan payments, maintenance costs, operational costs, and potential revenues from operating the real estate. On top of that, in real estate, we have different business models that will have different business drivers. To make your work easier, I will show you how to model in Excel fast and efficiently renting apartments, flats, houses via a marketplace like Airbnb.
You will find attached the following things
1. Presentation showing Essential concepts related to real estate and modeling them in Excel and the main drivers of the profits in hotel business model for different business models
2. Renting on Airbnb financial model in Excel. We will start by modeling 1 flat, Based on that we will be able to model the development of the whole chain. In the Excel file, you will also find the modeling of Loans that we have to take to build the whole chain, Head Office Cost modeling. Based on that we will create the Cash flow forecast and valuation of the whole business.
When it comes to drivers we will look at standard metrics used in the industry such as Average Daily Rate (ADR), # of nights sold, % Occupancy rate.
3. Hotel Business model in Excel

This Best Practice includes
1 presentation, 2 financial models in Excel

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