Warehouse Inventory Management Excel Template
Originally published: 05/03/2018 11:04
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Warehouse Inventory Management Excel Template

Excel template for warehouse inventory tracking and management

This excel template is perfect for businesses whose stock is help in warehouses and use the bin system to control their inventory levels. This toll will allow you to keep track of and monitor all of your business' stock, no matter its quantity or location. This is absolutely essential as it will allow you to know exactly how much stock you have and where it is being held.

This tool is divided into three tabs labelled Inventory List, Inventory Pick List and Bin Lookup, each with different functions.

The Inventory List tab will allow you to track each individual piece of stock based on its SKU number. This tab will allow you to store information for each piece of stock, such as its bin number, location, quantity and cost. This will also allow you to track the value of the stock you are holding for each individual product. The tab will then calculate the total value of your business' inventory. Furthermore, this tool will give you the opportunity to monitor which products need to be reordered to ensure healthy stock levels are maintained.

The Inventory Pick List tab will allow you to locate all of your different products and where they are being stored with ease, facilitates things like online orders and delivery. Additionally, the Bin Lookup tab represents a database of the bins in your warehouses, keeping information regarding their location, number and size. This will make the storage of your inventory much easier.

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