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How to do Inventory Management for Small Businesses

Gain an invaluable insight on how to do inventory management, by using fast and efficient technologies.

If you run a small business, you know how time-consuming and expensive inventory management can be. This video by David Hay will show you some of the technologies and techniques that he uses himself in his high-volume print shop to keep everything organised.

When David first started in business, inventory management was one of his biggest headaches by constantly thinking he had items in stock that he didn't. He was constantly making runs to the store, making emergency phone calls to his suppliers, simply because he just did not know what he had on his production floor.

He needed to come up with technologies that were fast and efficient. While some of the old inventory systems worked, they were so cumbersome, and because of the number of packages he was receiving and sending every day, it wasn't realistic to think with such a small staff that he would be able to implement them and actually keep them up-to-date. He decided to look at ways he could integrate QR codes into his inventory system and how he could seamlessly manage his inventory.

David will show you two examples of how he did this.

Video length: 5:58

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