Powerful Executive Communication
Originally published: 26/11/2017 11:15
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Powerful Executive Communication

Get a crash course in powerful communication techniques used by top management consultants to impress senior executives.

Communication skills have consistently been identified as one of the key skills that you need in order to thrive in senior management.

Clear writing and persuasive presentation skills are required by employees in all roles to convey their ideas and concepts. The skill is especially important for people that deal directly with the C-suite: top management need to have the information in a crisp, clear and to the point format.

Powerful executive communication encompasses three key aspects:
1. Clear, engaging and error-free writing
2. Logical message structure
3. Confident and persuasive presentation

Drawn from our 15+ years of training and consulting experience, the key principles shared in this document will magnify your communication effectiveness and accelerate your personal credibility.

Not holding anything back, this deck will cover the entire range of the communication process:

1. Clear, engaging and error-free writing
* Using the six rules of clear writing
* Avoiding the five cardinal sins of poor grammar
* Using punctuation correctly to increase reader comprehension
* Simplifying ideas with bullet lists
* Using power words to energize your communication
* Incorporating writing style tips for a professional look
* Leveraging navigational devices such as headings, call out boxes, pull quotes
* Proofreading like a professional

2. Structuring your message
* Clarifying your purpose
* Understanding your audience
* Tailoring your message
* Using the "Pyramid Principle" to structure your communication

3. Presenting your message
* Planning the horizontal and vertical logic in your story
* 'Ghosting Out' slides to see the presentation flow
* Using a balanced mix of text and graphical elements to make the presentation visually appealing
* Selecting the correct chart to represent the data
* Using "NLP" techniques to prime your mind for presentation success
* Managing your body language, instead of it managing you!
* Using vocal inflection and pauses to sound more interesting
* Delivering the presentation with confidence and passion!

Includes detailed slide notes (not shown in the partial preview above) and real examples from presentations by top tier consulting firms such as McKinsey, Bain and BCG!

This Best Practice includes
74 PowerPoint Slides

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Further information

* Get a crash course in powerful communication techniques used by top management consultants to impress senior executives

* Gain a solid understanding of the three fundamental aspects of executive communication: a. Making your writing clear, easily understandable and action driven. b. Structuring your communication logically. c. Presenting the message to your audience

*Obtain professional tools and frameworks to immediately magnify your communication effectiveness

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