Cash Flow Budget Template
Originally published: 22/11/2017 13:41
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Cash Flow Budget Template

A pre-made template that you can fill in with ease to see if your company has sufficient funds to operate

A cash flow budget is an estimation of all in-going and out-going payments for a company over a given period of time (usually 12 months). This type of budget is generally used to assess whether the company has sufficient funds to operate. A business uses production and sales forecasts to create their cash flow budget, along with calculated assumptions for unexpected costs that may arise. It is a good tool to use to see if a company has enough liquidity to operate.

This excel document provides you with a pre-made cash-flow budget template that provides categories of cash inflows and outflows for you to fill in where applicable.

Please note that a cash flow budget is quite difficult to make, so although this template is a comprehensive guide, it may be wise to seek help to check your figures are correct.

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