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  • Ted Hopkins
    Taylor, Just watched your cap table and exit waterfall demo and nice to see you are a Wahoo. Playing with the file now.

    My partner and I are planning to spin up an international social commerce company, incorporated in Hong Kong, China WOFE with offices in SH, China and LA. We are basically starting from zero and looking to raise a SAFE loan or other non-equity granting pre-money loan around USD 500K to support the first iteration of the business. I've had a hard time finding a decent approach to calculating our option pool size for the SAFE round. I could also use some advice on gaming out our full scenario to exit across your model. I have the finances and head count at various stages modeled out to scale.

    Would love any thoughts on the above. or links to your other tutorials. Hope you and your family are safe and healthy.


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    • Taylor Davidson
      Hi! Happy to help.

      In terms of determining the size of the option pool, it really comes down to planning out how many options you will need to issue as part of your hiring plan. Here's a couple good ways to think about it: https://avc.com/2009/11/valuation-and-option-pool/ , https://blog.samaltman.com/employee-equity , and a bunch of other posts on how to size an option pool. (i.e., it's not a pure math problem that I'll ever program into the template).

      For planning out the full scenario, happy to help, just send me an email. hello@foresight.is
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