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Vishal founded the Safal Niveshak blog to help small investors in their investing and personal finance decisions. He also provides Copywriting, Content Writing, and Blog Writing services to help small and mid-sized financial services companies generate higher website traffic, engagement, conversion, and sales. He is a trained copywriter from American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI) and has an MBA in Finance from the University of Mumbai.


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  • Vishal Malghani
    Hello Sir,
    I have just completed NISM Reseach Analyst Course and have started reading few investment books
    1. Value Investing (by Bruce C.N Greenwald) and
    2. Common Stocks Uncommon Profits (Phil Fisher) Its Amazing!
    and now I am currently re reading these books again

    My Question is What is the job of Research Analyst Day In and Day Out in an Investment Company , since I am unable to figure it out after finding one or two investments and deploying my cash what would i do in my office ?

    I cannot keep looking at the price everyday , since it makes no sense unless a business development or deterioration takes place.
    and I do not have any cash to deploy just left to bear my office and household expenses

    I am totally confused with the job of a research analyst and I feel like I am in the wrong track because things are getting easy.

    I have downloaded the excel tools and its quite good enough but I am uncomfortable with the DCF method as in the present time who knows what the lenders will demand in 10 years going forward and what if RG becomes Prime Minister in ten years :o

    Any help will be of extreme value !

    With Regards,
    Vishal Malghani
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