Experts in DCF and LBO modelling.
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Experts in DCF and LBO modelling.

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We are experts in DCF and LBO modelling. What differs us and our models from others, is that we do complex Excel-modeling easy. Our models are easy to use but still has a high flexibility. You do not need to spend several hours just trying to understand the model. Our models are used in day-to-day business and are fast, accurate and convenient. You can easily get great output directly from the model, to use in PPT or similar. No adjustments needed!


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  • Patrik Johansson
    Let me know if you have any questions, I am more than happy to help (if I can). If you like my work, please give my models a 5-star rating. That would truly help!
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    • Zsemberi László
      Dear Sirs,

      I'm Hungarian, not new in business, having also international experience, but recently engaged with a Solar PV industrial player (EPC and developer) and advising them on their new projects. Actually I have an old and several times modified DCF model, which due to several years many modifications sometimes not working properly. It has been earlier prepared for Gas Turbine CCGT projects, which is not really effective for a Solar. Too many obsolete data input, circular references etc.

      I would like to ask your advise which of your model would be the best for me? I'm certainly ready to pay for the purchase. I need to work on solar PV new projects, or other renewable energy sectors, like Electric Vehicle charging network.

      I need the forecasting in 25 years term, should have input sheets with all Capex, Opex, Energy output calculations and producing Working capital, EBITDA in P&L and then proceed with the casflow, Debt calculation section (Cash sweep analysis opportunity required), DSCR calculation, it should allow the engagement of Shareholders Loan also, in one word it should be a full integrated bankable model, which is producing all the results of the IRR, ROE, NPV etc.

      My e-mail:

      Thanks in advance

      Best regards

      László Zsemberi
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