LBO model - Leveraged Buyout Analysis
  • LBO model - Leveraged Buyout Analysis
  • LBO model - Leveraged Buyout Analysis
  • LBO model - Leveraged Buyout Analysis
  • LBO model - Leveraged Buyout Analysis
  • LBO model - Leveraged Buyout Analysis
Originally published: 19/09/2016 15:26
Last version published: 05/04/2018 12:28
Publication number: ELQ-22893-11
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LBO model - Leveraged Buyout Analysis

A step by step LBO model tutorial. It is easy to use and we provide support if needed. Have fun modeling!

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What is a leveraged buyout (LBO)? It is the acquirement of a company, using a large amount of borrowed money (be it either bonds or loans), that then provides the funds needed to pay for the price of the company.

The buyer goes through financial information and conducts an analysis in order to find the implied valuation range given a particular target in a potential LBO sale, that ultimately depends on receiving acceptable returns.

This LBO model template is all you need, it saves time (don't reinvent the wheel...), and it works! It includes a detailed step-by-step description and is made in 4-steps.

If any questions? Ask us via Private Message here: or the discussion feed below, and we will do our best to help.

Of course, feel free to leave a review and a rating if you have appreciated the LBO model!

- The Business Valuation Team

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This LBO model can be used by CFOs, Students, Teachers, Business controllers, M&A analysts, Private Equity analysts etc. The model is easy to use, has a hiqh flexibility and gets the job done.



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      Hi City Big 61,

      Thank you for your technical question and the issue raised on downloading the file. The Eloquens Support Team will be contacting you by email shortly so that we can understand what may have happened in your specific case.

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        FYI download is not possible via the "Microsoft Edge" Browser for now (March 2017), using Internet Explorer is the best alternative :)

        The Eloquens Team
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