Cap Table Excel Model

An Excel Cap Table and Exit Waterfall for Entrepreneurs

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Maintaining a clean, accurate cap table for an operating company is difficult, and especially difficult in Excel. But when you want to understand how a capitalization table works and forecast how rounds of financing impact ownership, valuation, dilution, and exit proceeds, a spreadsheet can be great.

The template covers:

- How share prices, share issuances and valuation through multiple rounds of financing impacts the value and ownership of founders and investors (e.g. dilution)

- How a convertible note converts to equity and how discount rate and cap impacts conversion

- How a premoney and postmoney option pool works, and the mechanics behind how each impacts valuation

- How liquidation preferences work, including participating preferred and participation caps

- How to create a waterfall analysis of proceeds to different classes of investors at exit.

This template is contained in all of Foresight startup financial model templates, but it’s also available on its own for free.

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Forecast how rounds of financing impact ownership, valuation, dilution, and exit proceeds.

Startups raising investment funds through equity, convertible notes or SAFE


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