Year in Review and Goal Planning Workbook
Originally published: 26/12/2018 10:32
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Year in Review and Goal Planning Workbook

A goal planning workbook to review your previous year and set and plan your goals for the year to come.

Here is my annual year in review planning PowerPoint. I have found this is the easiest way to review your last years' success and disappointments, and plan for this year. You can use this for your business or personal goals or combine the two. The important thing is to take the time to review what were your accomplishments and also your regret from the previous year. Once you have given enough time for reflection, you then move on to plan for the coming year.

Although this workbook is designed to do at the end or beginning of a year, it can be done anytime. It can also be combined with my single goal planning worksheet that you can also download on Eloquens. here is the url

Goals should be done every quarter, so you can track your progress and adjust. Sometimes you need to ditch a goal and replace it or just focus on one or two. Once you go through the workbook I suggest you schedule review dates for the upcoming year or 12 months in your calendar agenda. Set reminders as notifications from whatever calendar or app you use.

Get started now to review your year and make the one to come the most successful and gratifying ever.

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Review your yearly accomplishments and set goals for the year to come

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