How to Compile a Comprehensive Financial Database
Originally published: 11/10/2018 13:32
Last version published: 16/10/2018 09:17
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How to Compile a Comprehensive Financial Database

These models and accompanying PDF and YouTube guides are exhaustive tools for downloading a comprehensive database.

These models are proactive tools for extracting financial data and creating databases.

Having a strong financial database is critical to the modelling, analysis, or tracking that follows. This download includes financial statements, ratio analysis and cost of capital analysis. These can then form the fundamental aspect of the user’s corporate financial model.

This is an incredibly simplified version of what can be a time-consuming and complex procedure of mining data. After entering the ticker symbols, the process is automated to download the database, formed from valuation multiples and financial statements.

The financial database includes:
- Historic multiples
- Cost of capital analysis
- Historic financial data
- Other analytical tasks

The accompanying step-by-step guide illustrates the steps which the user has to take to complete this process. Also, it explains how to obtain the ticker symbols. In addition, there is a YouTube tutorial explaining how to find the data online, finding the correct ticker symbols, and how to enter them onto the database.

A ticker symbol is the abbreviation attached to publicly traded shares of a stock on a particular stock market, for e.g. NASDAQ:GOOGL, NYSE:LUV, or IDX:INCO.
Once the database is compiled, the model can be used to create charts and graphs that track the trends of the corporations. For e.g. comparative reports of EV/EBITDA, P/E, ROE and P/B. The data can be summarised in more digestible visual formats.

There is also an example of a financial database for international electricity companies attached.

This Best Practice includes
3 Excel Models, 1 PDF, 1 Powerpoint, Step-by-Step, YouTube Tutorial

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