Sales Mix, Menu Mix and Menu Engineering Spreadsheet
Originally published: 07/05/2018 13:26
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Sales Mix, Menu Mix and Menu Engineering Spreadsheet

A series of sales mix worksheets that allows you to analyze menus based on a series of factors.

These Sales Mix worksheets are designed to help chefs, managers and owners analyze their menus based upon item popularity, food cost, and item margin (item sales - item cost) to figure out which items generate the most revenue to the bottom line, and which items you may need to alter or replace. It also calculates the theoretical food cost of your menu based on number of items being sold during a specific period.

What is Sales Mix? Sales Mix is the evaluation of theoretical food cost based on total items sold in a particular period and the margin generated from these items.

What is Menu Mix? It is often referred to as the same thing as the Sales Mix. However, it is best described as how menu items are distributed in the kitchen during service. It effectively evaluates the flow of menu items.

What is Menu Engineering? It refers to the layout of your menu, in its printed layout and involving all aspects from design to the science of reading. It evaluates the inter-relatedness of the kitchen, guest perception (of the menu), and the financial bottom line.

You will find the instructions on how to use the tool on the first tab of the Excel sheet. The file is locked, but instructions on how to unlock it can be found here:

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