SaaS Metrics Excel Cheat Sheet
Originally published: 16/02/2018 14:23
Publication number: ELQ-56099-1
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SaaS Metrics Excel Cheat Sheet

This SaaS Metics Cheat Sheet contains all the formulas you need when building your first SaaS metrics dashboard or model

This SaaS Metrics Cheat Sheet contains formulas and calculations on one single excel file. For each metric, there are SaaS metrics definitions, formulas and examples.

This excel cheat sheet is regularly improved and updated, so be sure to save this file and check back for the most recent version. This file is a perfect kick starter if you are looking to build your first SaaS metrics dashboard or model.

The metrics included in this file are the following:

> Average Cost of Service

> ACS Economies of Scale

> CAC Payback Period:

> Committed ARR

> Committed MRR

> Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)

> Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC)

> Net Negative Churn

> SaaS Quick Ratio

This template is perfect for if you need help with starting your SaaS metrics dashboard or model, and has all the formulas you need all in one place. Tables and graphs are also included in the tabs, where formulas are embedded to do the calculations once you input the relevant data.

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