Pricing Positioning - Industry Competitor Analysis Template Slide
Originally published: 21/03/2020 11:01
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Pricing Positioning - Industry Competitor Analysis Template Slide

A PowerPoint Slide for any business to compare the average price, and price range of its offering versus competition.

During my time at Strategy& Consulting (PwC Group), in a Buy-Side Due Diligence mission, I was asked to do a Pricing analysis of a Major Tea Brand in Europe, and identify its main direct competitors.

To represent this, I decided to create a graph showing how direct competitors are competing in terms of Price Positioning in the Brand's main segment.

Given the success of this slide in the mission (the Client highly appreciated the insight), I decided to build a "universal" Template for other consultants/executives to do the same with their company's products/services.

The file is an editable Microsoft PowerPoint Template Slide with an online or offline 10 step-by-step methodology, with pedagogical illustrations for each step. An editable Excel file to adapt the data points to your market/industry is included in the PowerPoint file.

Here is the main outline of the 10 steps to get it adapted to your Business:

1/ Download & Open the PowerPoint File Template (and/or the PPT Version of this Methodology)
2/ Right Click on the PowerPoint Slide and click on "Edit Data in Excel"
3/ Understand the Structure of the Excel File
4/ Edit the Prices & Names of each of your Competitor's + Your Company's Products/Servies
5/ Sort Column by ”Average Price” from lowest average to highest average
6/ Identify your Company in the Graph
7/ Define Segments in Your Market
8 /Identify Competitors (in the large sense of the term)
9/ Define Direct Competitors
10/ Customization of Conclusions & Brand Elements

Should you have any questions on using this top tier Management/Strategy Consulting Template slide, you're welcome to reach out to me via Private Message.

Good luck!
- Tim

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This Best Practice includes
1 PowerPoint Slide Template + 1 Online Step-By-Step Methodology

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