How to Use the Scenario Reporter
Originally published: 10/10/2018 14:45
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How to Use the Scenario Reporter

This effective scenario reporter is accompanied by a clear and easy-to-follow PDF guide and YouTube Tutorial.

This Scenario Reporter is an efficient way of automatizing the recording of multiple scenarios into an Excel sheet.

A scenario is a set of values, that can be saved by Excel, and can be added onto another worksheet. A user can design and then save multiple sets of values as scenarios and then interchange between them to produce different results. This becomes an efficient means of running experiments on a data set as it removes the task of having to rewrite and re-enter the sets of values each time. Many different variables and potential variables can be assessed with a measure of simultaneity.

This scenario reporter is actually rather simple to use. The user does not need to know any VBA (Visual Basic for Applications – which is a programming language used for creating user-defined functions and automating processes/calculations on programmes). The only step required is to download the tool and start a new sheet on Excel. The file must remain open for the scenario reporter to run.

In any case, attached to this download is a helpful PDF guide that will provide a simple step-by-step tutorial on how to get started using the scenario reporter. In addition, there is a 14minute YouTube tutorial which efficiently illustrates the processes.

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