SaaS Excel Financial Plan Template
Originally published: 16/02/2018 14:11
Last version published: 12/06/2018 14:25
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SaaS Excel Financial Plan Template

A SaaS financial plan that allows you to create your own financial forecast. Suitable for startups and SMB's.

This SaaS financial plan for startups and SMB's in excel allows you to easily create your own financial forecast. Generally, many excel forecast models are too complex but this financial plan contains step-by-step instructions with links to input cells so that you can create your first forecast with ease.

This model is constantly improved and updated with more metrics, charts and features.

This templates contains the following:

> Charts - 1 Year (Cash Inflow/Outflow, Cash Balance, MRR Inflow/Outflow, Customers, Services Backlog, CAC per Customer, Avg MRR & ACS per Customer, CLTV, SaaS Magic Number and Cost of $1 of New AVC).
> Charts - same as above.
> Revenue B Inputs
> Revenue A Inputs
> Revenue Summary
> Summary
> Non-wage Inputs
> Headcount Inputs
> CapEx Inputs
> Controls

This template has the formulas embedded that will do the calculations for you, simply follow the instructions that are attached to this excel file and fill in the figures where told to do so.

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