HR Analytics and Dashboard
Originally published: 13/05/2021 10:17
Publication number: ELQ-47708-1
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HR Analytics and Dashboard

A collection of tools to perform employee analysis and visualize the results

This publication contains a set of tools to perform employee analysis and communicate key statistics in a concise, efficient and smart way. It can be used for an in-house HR analysis or as part of a due diligence review. The findings are illustrated by professionally designed magazine-quality charts you can use in your reports and presentations.

The analysis covers:

● Employee headcount and salary (costs) per head by department. This part of analysis makes use of a jitter-scatter chart, a great visual tool you can use in many other situations.

● Employee turnover and retention. Includes the calculation of average service period and other relevant statistics

● Employee headcount changes by years and departments, turnover analysis. Demonstrates total headcount, new joiners and leavers on an elegant vertical waterfall chart. Also has other charts showing the headcount by years and departments, turnover by years and others.

● Employee service period by department. Splits the headcount in each department by the length of service period. This is somewhat similar to ageing analysis (of accounts receivable or inventory) where we split every product type by the period the items have been on our books.

● Employee churn analysis. A more granular way of looking at employee turnover and retention. The methods and techniques explained in this section are also applicable to customer churn analysis.

The publication includes a detailed text guide.

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