CEO Performance Review Template
Originally published: 29/11/2017 16:23
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CEO Performance Review Template

A document to help evaluate a CEOs strengths and weaknesses to help them improve

A great way to help a CEO's future growth is to support him or her by filling out an annual review analysing how he or she is doing. This review is the responsibility of the board as they are the ones responsible for hiring and firing them.

A positive review provides great value to the CEO. The review should detail the strengths and weaknesses of the CEO in both a strategic aspect and as a leader. The feedback, whether it is positive or negative, will help the CEO learn what he or she needs to do to improve their performance.

The three main areas where a CEO should spend most of their time is: Strategy, Team and Finance. In order for an annual review to be effective, business objectives must be clear and agreed with the CEO in advance. As soon as these are set, the CEO's objectives for the year should also be decided, written and agreed.

This document provides 13 questions within 4 sections (Strategy & Vision, Team Leadership & Communication, Financial Oversight and General Performance Questions). You can add more questions as you wish or can leave it as it is.

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