How to Set Employee Performance Improvement Goals Using the KSS Method
Originally published: 27/09/2018 13:51
Last version published: 29/11/2018 09:51
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How to Set Employee Performance Improvement Goals Using the KSS Method

This video outlines the importance of setting employee performance improvement goals

In this video, I’ll explain how to use the KSS method to set performance improvement goals with an employee during a performance evaluation session. Hello, I’m Stephen Goldberg of Optimus Performance bringing you practical tips of leadership, team development and performance management in the workplace.

In my last videos I talked about performance evaluations and how you should do them regularly and also how to conduct them. I suggested using 5 criteria that I have been using with my clients. I also provided a performance evaluation form – you can download these forms from my website. I have another form that I’m going to make available to coincide with this video, and the article on my blog section of my website.

It’s the KSS method. ‘K’ stands for “keep doing”. ‘S’ stands for “stop doing”. The other ‘S’ stands for “start doing”. The form incorporates the 5 critical competences or behaviours that if every employee improved upon, you would have really great performance. So when you’re discussing you want to point out what you see the employee is doing well, and that they should keep doing. And this also incorporates the theory of positive feedback. You want to reinforce what they are already doing well.

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