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Achieve an Important goal with this Proven Technique

Turn your New Year’s Resolution into a Powerful Life Changing Goal

Last weekend I went to a Christmas party with my partner for the personal training center where she exercises in a group. The man sitting across from me told me that prior to this small workout group he had joined a local gym that was offering a 50% year-end discount. He had good intentions but never stepped foot in the gym. Instead he opted for the small group sessions with a coach who personalized the workout to suit his abilities.
This reminded me of how each year many of us set a New Year’s resolution to change something in our lives. These good intentions are easily forgotten and put aside. Change is hard and uncomfortable and it’s easier to do nothing.
Power of Coaching
The story of the man with the gym experience made me think of how important holding ourselves accountable is and how a coach can help us achieve our goals.
My experience this past year confirmed the importance of having a coach. I had set a goal to publish an online training course, but I had been procrastinating most of the year. I had started but my progress was stagnated.
Then I asked my contact with the publisher to coach me and hold me accountable. She did a great job and so far, I have published three courses rather than just the one I had planned.
Mutual Coaching
I suggest finding a friend who wants to achieve a New Year resolution or goal for the coming year and make an agreement to coach each other. I have an article and video on mutual coaching that you can consult to learn a few coaching skills. It’s simple, but the hard part is sticking to it.
Goal Planning
I recommend planning a date to meet and write down your goals using my goal planning worksheet and tutorial. Coach each other on writing the goal and give mutual critique until you get it right.
Next, before you leave the meeting set a date for your next get together to review progress and adjust.
If you follow my tutorials on coaching and goal planning and use the goal planning worksheet you are sure to turn your New Year resolution into something tangible and life changing.

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