History of a company
Originally published: 05/04/2016 12:52
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History of a company

A graph to illustrate the history and growth of your company

This slide displays a graphic evolution of your company's turnover and highlights the milestones of its economic and strategic developments. The slide gives a clear outline of the company's development and is happily inserted in corporate presentations or strategic plans as an introductory slide.

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1 PowerPoint slide + Excel graphic aid

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Summarize the history of your company on one single page with strategic elements and key figures at the same time. Organize your thoughts by topic and make a clear communication to your audience. Also induce confidence in your company by showing a reassuring trend that is bound to last in the future.
• Create a positive impression of your past development
• Convince that your past strategy has been working and ensuring your growth
• Save your audience's time by offering a summary of your company's growth and history on one single page
• Show clear takeaways by highlighting your key figures and milestones
• Create confidence in the future of your company by showing a reassuring trend

• You wish to summarize your company history on one page
• You wish to relate your company's strategic milestones to its turnover evolution
• You wish to show a trend of business

• You don't want to relate your company's strategic milestones to its turnover evolution
• You wish reason in periods of time rather that in milestones


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