Ship Project Finance Model of Dry Dock Days and Margins
Originally published: 17/05/2018 14:58
Publication number: ELQ-82277-1
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Ship Project Finance Model of Dry Dock Days and Margins

An example of a ship project finance model of dry dock days and margins.

This Excel financial model is an extensive and detailed model for your dry dock days and margins. This tool includes 8 tabs that will help you to conduct a comprehensive analysis and thorough overview of the finances of your project.

These tabs cover a number of themes that will have an affect on your project:

- Ship Portfolio
- Ship Inputs
- Consolidated Financials
- Template for Ship Analysis
- 4 Examples of Ships

Shipping models are very similar to any other project finance model. The shipping industry has gone through a classic case of over capacity after 2008 when high returns prompted increases in construction. Ships have long lives, therefore the time it takes to solve the over-capacity situation is long for certain types of vessels. This Excel file shoes an example of a model for shipping analysis with dry-dock days and different pricing scenarios is presented below.

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