KPI Tracking Excel Template
Originally published: 06/04/2018 07:47
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KPI Tracking Excel Template

A template that shows some structured columns about sales of various skus and how that can be used for KPI tracking.

The meat and potatoes of this template is the automated monthly tracking of whatever data is entered into the 'data' tab and then all of the automated visuals that can be done based on picking various slicers via a drop down menu.

No pivot tables used.

The reporting is on a 12 month period basis and you can see your YTD totals for all skus and by 1 condition as well as per multiple conditions met i.e. sales of all red widgets that were tall or a sales comparison of red widgets vs. blue widgets.

There is also a pie chart to show the 1-year aggregate break-down between the sale count and % amount of each sku.

The bar charts get fairly detailed as you will be able to see a break-down of what amount of a sku sold in each month relative to other months. This means your x-axis becomes skus and in each sku bar you will see a space representing sales of that sku in each month.

There is also visualization to show sku sales by type on a monthly basis where months are the x-axis and all the types will show up on a stacked bar.

The purpose of this model is to show some different ways that a KPI dashboard can be populated based on structured data in columns. You will see how the data entry should be structured so such reporting can be done continually.

There is a nice balance between aggregate reporting vs. detailed reporting driven by drop-down selections.

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Further information

Show end to end data structure to KPI reporting with some conditions/meta data about the sales.

A business that sells various SKUS and wants to track them over time.

With many thousands of SKUS or where reporting needs to be done on more than 2 conditions.


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