Survival Cash (personal or business) - Free Google Sheet Template
Originally published: 06/04/2021 15:48
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Survival Cash (personal or business) - Free Google Sheet Template

Track how long your current cash sources / funding sources will last over a 36 month period.

Note, the product is a Google Sheet template. The download is for Microsoft Word and the Google Sheet link is found on that along with instructions. A free google account is required to use this template.

The tracker is fairly simple, but really useful. The user can enter up to 6 sources of funds i.e. credit cards, cash in bank, or any other possible way that cash can be acquired. Then, the user will enter total cash in and total cash out per month.

The model will then show the depletion of each cash source over time based on the monthly cash flow. The idea is that you stabilize before all the cash runs out.There are two visuals that show the total cash available over time as well as the total cash available by source over time.

The advanced logic in here is the way that each source is depleted. It took a bit of work so that the cash burn will flow against each source until it runs out and then automatically start drawing from the next source until there is nothing left.

Some advanced color scaling was also used to make the raw numbers easier to understand and see when certain sources will run out.

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Help determine how long emergency cash sources may last.

If you have limited cash and expected burn over a 12-36 month period.

Only available in google sheets.

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