Sample Board Meeting Minutes Template for Startups
Originally published: 30/11/2017 14:13
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Sample Board Meeting Minutes Template for Startups

This word document contains the key elements needed when taking minutes for a startup company

Minutes are effectively the official notes of a meeting. They document the date and time as well as who is present. They note what is discussed and whether any decisions were made. More importantly, they record the formalities that were observed and requirements that were met, for example, whether those present represented a quorum, or the minimum required to take a vote.

There are two purposes of minutes - one is practical and the other theoretical. For the practical side, minutes act as an official record of what went on in the meeting and can be helpful in the future to refer back to. The minutes are effectively the history of the corporation. Taking minutes is required under most laws and will most definitely be required by auditors and any potential acquisitions.

The format of this template contains the following elements:

- Date, Time and Place

- Participants

- Call to Order

- Approvals

- Overview and Agenda

-Individual Discussion Topics and Related Resolutions

- Executive Session

- Adjournment

These elements are the absolute key aspects needed when taking minutes.

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