Circle of virtue
Originally published: 15/04/2016 08:10
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Circle of virtue

Present the key elements that define the integrity of your product, idea or company.

Show the components of a central concept.
This slide will display the features of your product in a way that highlights the thoroughness of your concept
For example, for a product offer show the main elements that characterize the virtuous circle induced by the use of your product or service . Show that your offer is comprehensive and thorough.
This slide can also be used to comprehensively list the values of your company, the key success factors of your business, the necessary steps needed for a given process... any idea that can be broken down into complementary concepts.

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Demonstrate the completeness of your product, service or offer by displaying its main components and benefits. Inspire trust by showing your future clients or partners that your product is complete and takes into account all client needs or that their benefits cover the main areas of the business.
• Display your idea/product/service with that “wow” factor!
• Convince your audience that your product or service will answer all their needs
• Show that your service is thorough or your product complete
• Highlight your main qualities and strengths
• Break down your concept into a manageable number of items

• You want to present the key components of an idea / product
• You want to show the thoroughness of your product / concept
• You want to feature the virtuous circle of your solution
• You want to provide a brief description of all your key features or benefits

• You want to go into minute detail about every product / offer feature
• You want to elaborate on your central idea rather than on the individual components
• You want to show an extensive list of all your product features

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