A Chart Showing Three Dimensions of Data
Originally published: 29/04/2020 07:32
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A Chart Showing Three Dimensions of Data

A professionally-designed chart which can show data in three measurements

This is a nice and smart chart which you can adapt to many situations when you need to display three dimensions of data. This will help you make your presentations look professionals and your reports - impress your clients, managers and colleagues.

In this example the chart shows:

1. Change from 2015 to 2018
2. In Revenues and EBITDA
3. For three products

Despite the apparent complexity, the chart is very intuitive and is very quickly understood by the users. These measurements can be replaced with any others, for example:

- split by regions (countries), by departments within your company
- change from budget to actual,
- variance in different P&L (incomes, costs) or balance sheet amounts (inventory, fixed assets, accounts payable), or in physical measurements (number of units sold, number of customers or employees).

The heading and the commentary block on the chart can obviously be changed as well. You can also adjust the format of the chart (colours, fonts etc.) as you like.

All components of the chart (arrows, columns, shaded areas) are native chart elements are updated automatically as you change the source data, without any manual intervention.

The attached file contains the chart itself and very detailed step-by-step explanations how such a chart can be set up from scratch. These instructions might serve as an Excel refresher and as a guide to developing other professionally designed charts.

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Use this chart in business reports and presentations

Situations where one needs to visualise some three-dimensional data



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