Disrupting Your Business Workbook
Originally published: 17/06/2019 13:15
Last version published: 02/03/2020 09:53
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Disrupting Your Business Workbook

This tool will guide you in the development, selection and implementation of Disruptive ideas.

This Business Disruption Tool was initially developed by Andrea Jones of AJC Consulting to be used along with her article A Process for Disrupting Your Own Business Model.

The tool will guide you in the development, selection and implementation of Disruptive ideas to keep your business in front of the pack.

Start with the Prioritization Matrix tab and work your way through the Workbook.

Before starting, Leadership should discuss with employees the expectation that the company wants disruptive ideas. Leadership must be aligned to be openly supportive of this – remember the eight most expensive words in business (and the reason why you want to stay on top of disruption in the first place!) “Because we have always done it that way.” Hand-pick employees who have influence over other employees, whether formal or informal, as these people can champion the ideas you ultimately select when execution begins.

Here is the process step by step.

1. Select a subset of employees to generate and record Disruptive Ideas in multiple ways.
2. Gather your Disruptors together to go over the goals of the team and review the Selection Criteria on the Prioritization Matrix Tab of the Disrupting Your Business Workbook (We recommend you use an unbiased facilitator to lead the discussions at the group meetings.)
3. 2nd Disruptors Team meeting - Prioritizing the Disruptive Ideas
4. 3rd Disruptors Team meeting
5. Pick 1 to 3 of your Disruptive Ideas and use the Implementation Plan Template

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