How to Prevent Disengaged and Poor Performing Employees
Originally published: 13/12/2018 16:52
Last version published: 14/12/2018 14:23
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How to Prevent Disengaged and Poor Performing Employees

This video and accompanying article explain, as an employer, how to overcome employee disengagement and poor performance

This is valuable advice regarding employee disengagement and poor performance, I note 5 key causes that contribute to poor performance, and how to overcome them.

"Employees can go from being good performers to becoming disengaged and performing poorly. I'll explain how to prevent that in this video.

Hello, I'm Stephen Goldberg of Optimus Performance bringing you practical tips and ideas on leadership, team development and employee performance in the workplace.

Leadership and management coaching can help you resolve specific issues with employees and also help you in your personal development. I'm offering a free coaching session to qualified individuals, I'll put a link where you can sign up for that in the description of this video.

When you hire an employee you're hiring somebody that you expect to perform well. But somehow over time some people become disengaged and go from being either a great performer, or a good performer, to a poor performer, and it just doesn't happen by itself. There are five causes which I'm gonna list that I think are the key reasons people become disengaged and go to poor performance over time. To apply these five things, and to address them over time, there's one thing that you need to develop, and that's knowledge and understanding of each employee - because unless you understand each person..."

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