Stacking Plan
Originally published: 14/12/2020 09:57
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Stacking Plan

Stacking plan of an office building

A stacking plan is a two-dimensional chart displaying the arrangement of tenants on every floor of a multi-tenant office building. Stacking plans are used in commercial real estate to depict:

– Which tenants occupy which floors of the building
– The area occupied by every tenant on every floor
– Free (vacant) areas

In addition, stacking plans usually contain other information such as rental rates, lease expiry date, suite number occupied by a tenant etc.

Stacking plans are useful for property owners (they give a snapshot of how their building is utilised in terms of occupancy and rental rate) and for real estate brokers (they can see the areas which are available for lease at present or will soon become vacated in the future; they can both market those areas and offer renewals to those tenants whose leases are about to expire).

The attached Excel file provides an example of a stacking plan. It is a fully automated chart, you just need to input rental parameters into a table and they will be picked up immediately and shown on the chart. The table can be a part of your rent roll.

The file is quite flexible in that you can add floors and tenants, modify data labels or just change the format of the chart if you wish.

The file uses no macros, just regular formulas.

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Further information

Provide a snapshot of how an office building is managed commercially

A multi-storey office building leased to multiple tenants



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